STV GROUP at IDET 2019 Fair

In the last week, we presented our company at the International Defence and Security Technologies Fair, Czech Republic.

At our stand, we presnted different exhibits to both expert audiences as well as the general public. Our exposition included the 4x4 Oshkosh JLTV which was introduced on the Czech market for the first time; a modern fire control system for T-72 MBTs; RPG-7 ammunition including 106/40 mm thermobaric round; 81mm and 120mm mortar bombs; large-caliber tank and artillery ammunition; small-caliber ammo produced by our sister company STV TECHNOLOGY; demolition charges; reactive armor; M-17 assault rifle; or MV-3 mine launcher including ammunition with PTMi-D1M mines.

On the outside of the pavillion, we displayed JEEP vehicles which are offered by our company to the Army of the Czech Republic.

IDET fair allowed us to meet our domestic as well as foreign partners.